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Shillito Law of Tacoma, WA is fully licensed and experienced to offer you a complete range of specialty legal services concerning bankruptcy and collections.


We specialize in Personal and Business related bankruptcies:  Chapter 7, Chapter 11 and Chapter 13.  We are experienced in Civil, Commercial, Federal and State cases.


We can also help you if you are personally Challenged by Creditors, Your Business is Failing, Need Credit or Collection Protection.

Noel Shillito is a graduate of the George Washington University in Washington DC with a BA in Political Science.  After completing his active duty portion of his service with the National Guard as a medic, Noel received his law degree from Gonzaga University.  For over 30 years Noel has been in private practice with a heavy emphasis on Bankruptcy and Insolvency related cases.


Noel’s experience in the field of bankruptcy includes having served as a Chapter 7 Trustee for the Tacoma, Bremerton and Southwest Washington area.


The issues of insolvency and bankruptcy are very personal and stressful.  Noel’s goal is to create  financial boundaries again in people who are overwhelmed by debt so that the emotional paralysis is eliminated.  Once that fear is removed, one can become once again effective in one’s personal and business life.  This resulting serenity only increases and enhances the road to financial security and emotional recovery.


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