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Here at Shillito Law, we specialize in both personal and business related bankruptcies.  Our job is to bring knowledge and information to you, so that fear goes away.  Once we help remove the fear, the more self-aware and fully informed you become. Then you make better decisions, and then you regain that illusive concept in our life called control.


Once you or I lose control of our finances, we lose control of our life. Then we are in crisis mode --  survival mode -- and that is no way to live. Until you and I sense an end to our current financial problems, we can’t heal, so we lose effectiveness, and that is the real issue. Once we are melting down financially, we are very ineffective, and life doesn’t work well.  How do we begin to regain the effectiveness in our personal life and our business life?  Shillito Law takes the fear of the unknown out of that process.

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